NC Fishing Report 7/14/20

Stream:  West Fork Pigeon River

Date:   7/11/2020

Guide:  Tony Brooks

What to Expect: West Fork is low and clear. Fish have been found tightlining in shaded pockets or oxygenated runs early from first daylight to about 10am.  Late evening in the magic hour before dark can be good if it doesn’t get too hot through the day.

Stream Flow: 43 cfs and falling to level, median 45 cfs

Water Temp:     low/mid 60’s

Clarity:         Gin clear

General Overview:       Dry/dropper with a Elk Hair Caddis and a small mayfly nymph pattern, San Juan or squirmy worm have triggered takes on both wild and stocked fish

Best Advice:    Go Early. Keep a low profile, fish at some distance away with light entry casts with 1.5 to 2.0 mm tungsten bead 3 to 5′ tippet  6.5-7X(fluro)

Hatches:        Hanging inchworm(14-18)
BWO (18-22)
Tan Caddis(14-16)
Midges (20-26)
Terrestrials (6-10)

Go To Patterns:
Tan Girdle (10-12)
Elk Hair Caddis(16-20)
Walt’s Worm (14-16)
Cream mop(10-12)
Olive Bugger (8-12)

Miscellaneous:  Lots of all types of other anglers are covering the Delayed Harvest section as well as the Hatchery Supported water. Less pressure will be found and more opportunistic fish in the upper more remote part of the watershed.

Pop up thunderstorms can be a blessing or curse and happen routinely. Welcomed air temperature drops and some turbity can turn the fish on. A hard downpour can blow everything out for the day, however.

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