PA Fishing Report 10/2/2020

Stream:  Pohopoco Creek (Lehighton, PA)

Date:   10/1/2020

Author: Ben Broscius

What to Expect: The Po is at a great flow and temperature range right now. Fishing has been good in the deeper pockets, holes, and runs

Stream Flow: 147 CFS – Median is 60 CFS

Water Temp: Low 50’s

Clarity: Clear

General Overview:  Dry dropper rigs have been most productive!

Best Advice: Fish small, lightly weighted nymphs below a suspension device such as a thingamabobber or dry fly. Focus on the areas greater than knee deep.

Go To Patterns:

Drab Pheasant Tail (16-20)

Elk Hair Caddis (14-16)

Black Zebra Midge (16-20)

Split wing CDC caddis (14-18)

Olive Perdigon (16-18)

Olive Hare’s Ear (12-14)

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