Guide Spotlight – Chris McCoun

Chris McCoun – Collegeville, Pennsylvania

ASFFG: “How long have you been fly fishing?”

Chris: “I started fly fishing 11 years ago, when I found my dad’s old fly rod in the garage.”

ASFFG: “Why did you decide to become a fly fishing guide?”

Chris: “I loved fly fishing so much that I wanted to make it part of my everyday lifestyle. There is nothing more pleasing to me than sharing the experience of a client catching their first trout on a fly or even their first fish.”

ASFFG: “What’s your favorite species to fish for and why?”

Chris: “Trout are my favorite when I’m looking for a faster pace fishing. If I feel like I have more patience and time I love fishing for carp. Sight fishing for a fish that is 20+ lbs and always takes you to your backing never gets old.”

ASFFG: “What is your Favorite body of water to fish?”

Chris: “Any small to medium sized creeks in the Allentown/Pocono area.”

ASFFG: “Favorite thing about your home state?”

“What I love about PA is that you can find any kind of fishing in any terrain. Flat spring creeks with nothing but farm around to large river to small brooks that flow through mountains. The versatility of type of fishing makes sure you will never get tired  of fishing in PA.”

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